The German company Distec is working with Tanvas to introduce solid-state, programmable haptic technology to the industrial market, which will be a world-first for the industry.

Distec in Germany, in collaboration with Tanvas, a developer of haptic technology in the United States, is now offering finished industrial touch monitors with software-defined tactile textures and haptic effects on the touch surface on the touch surface on the touch surface on the touch surface on the touch surface

Using electromechanical and vibrotactile haptics (which were previously used to provide haptic feedback on touchscreens) for IP-rated human-machine interfaces is not recommended due to the requirement for movement of the front glass.

TanvasTouch technology, which was developed at Northwestern University in the United States, is completely non-contact because it contains no moving parts. Friction changes are perceived as fine textures, edges, and bumps, and they are easily distinguishable even when there is no visual distraction to distract the observer. A single swipe of the user's finger across a computer screen, on the other hand, can produce an almost limitless variety of effects. It is possible to personalize the haptic feedback for each individual user thanks to the API, which allows for customization of the behavior of the haptic feedback as well as the size and position of the feedback.

To keep up with the market's shift toward lighter, thinner, and more flexible monochrome LCD display in the industrial applications market, the advancement of hapticity technology must keep pace. TanvasTouch allows for the creation of multiple zones on a single surface, and it also works in conjunction with force haptic technology to prevent an unwanted operation or action from taking place. A technique known as TanvasTouch can be used to prevent an unwanted operation or action from occurring.

For more than 30 years, Distec has been one of the leading German specialists in TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications. Distec researched, developed and manufactured cutting-edge solutions, in addition to a diverse range of component parts, TFT flat screens, embedded boards, systems, and services. A German company with its headquarters in Dresden, Distec is a leader in the field of information technology.

With its headquarters in Germering, close to Munich, and a manufacturing facility in Hörselberg-Hainich, close to Eisenach, this subsidiary of the Fortec Group is well-established. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortec Group of companies. Product refinements such as optical bonding and monitor system assembly, as well as the production of finished goods, are all provided by Distec, which has its own design center in Germering. Distec provides a wide range of services using hardware and software developed in-house.

We offer dust, water, fire, and impact resistant industrial touch monitors, but haptic feedback adds a completely new dimension to our devices. According to Matthias Keller, Managing Director of Distec, "We offer industrial touch monitors that are dust, water, fire, and impact resistant, but haptic feedback adds a completely new dimension to our devices."Distec is a world-class manufacturer of industrial touch monitors and other related products, with a focus on the automotive industry. This technology, according to the researcher, enables us to combine the versatility of displays with the haptic benefits of physical buttons on our monitors, resulting in a more satisfying user experience for the user. The feature's incorporation is straightforward, and it does not add any additional complexity to the overall system architecture. When the ability to display haptic structures on the touchscreen is combined with an IP65 front-protected stainless-steel housing, the upcoming devices, according to the company, will be considered pioneers in the field of industrial monitors.

According to Alex Kessler, Tanvas, Inc.'s Head of Business Development for EMEA, electroadhesion-based surface haptics do not necessitate the use of any moving parts. Vibration, air gaps, and ceiling limits are all eliminated, and the range of textures and tactile effects that can be achieved is increased at the same time as well. As part of our collaboration with Distec to provide more people with access to new technology and modern interfaces, we are offering low and mid-volume purchases to demonstrate our commitment to assisting businesses in developing applications that are tailored to their specific requirements. Apart from industrial applications, TanvasTouch has a wide range of other uses, including automotive, home automation, and any commercial display or smart surface that can be programmed.

According to the company, TanvasTouch will be available on the POS-PRO monitors and panel PCs manufactured by Distec Corporation beginning in February 2022. From there, the line-up will be gradually expanded to include all of the PRO Series sizes, which range in screen size from 7 inches to 15.6 inches. Depending on the project requirements, a variety of additional dimensions are available on an individual basis.